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How You Can Avoid Mosquitoes When Traveling The World

Do you have plans to visit a tropical island or any destination with warm, wet weather? If so, you need to prepare yourself for the inevitable mosquitoes that thrive in that environment. You have many choices available and using more than one technique will provide you the best protection possible from these pests which are at best annoying and at worst, carrying fatal diseases.

Mosquitoes use several senses to find their human prey, including heat detection and smell. While scientists do not understand everything about their targeting systems, those who sweat excessively are more likely to become victims, as are those who use scented products like perfume and lotion.

The two main species you may encounter are Aedes and Culex. The former feed during the day and tend to go indoors when possible whereas the latter prefers outdoors and feeding at night. Finding out which species is prevalent at your destination can help you tailor your mosquito avoidance plans.

When you are outdoors, you need to wear protective clothing, including long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. You can purchase clothing and camping gear that has been treated with the pesticide permethrin to boost your efforts tremendously. The military has utilized this EPA approved chemical that withstands washing well and does not transfer easily to your skin.

You can also apply permethrin to clothing, tents and other fabric items. Make sure that the product your purchase is intended for this use and carefully follow the instructions. The pesticide must be allowed to dry before you can wear any clothing treated with it

If you can afford it, rent motel rooms with air conditioning. Although you may want to enjoy the fresh tropical air, open windows are an invitation to hungry mosquitoes. Either way, look at the room carefully when you first check in to determine the mosquito population and to adjust your protection plans accordingly.

Whether you are camping in the woods or staying at a motel, look around your room for stagnant water. Even small amounts of standing water are sufficient for mosquitoes to breed. Either empty the water yourself or ask the motel staff to take care of it. Don't forget to check outside under your windows and any plants that may be in your room.

To avoid being bitten while you sleep, either put a mosquito net up over the bed or take a net tent with you. Buy one from a reputable manufacturer to ensure that the seams will be secure and the net effective. Look for one that has been treated with permethrin for additional protection.

Wear insect repellant when you will be exposed to them. If you are going outside, you should put on your sunscreen first and let it dry completely. You want the scent of the insecticide to be the strongest.

Mosquito coils are an effective way to keep them at bay for around eight hours. These are incredibly affordable, though you will need to be careful regarding smoke inhalation. You can spread the smell throughout the room with a fan.

Even without a coil, fans can be a useful deterrent. Turn the setting to high and aim it toward you. The brisk wind will make it difficult for them to find you. Set it to oscillate if you have the option.

You can create a natural skin moisturizer that the mosquitoes will not like. Start with some soybean oil and add a few drops of an essential oil such as lavender or rosemary. Though it will need to be reapplied often, you will smell good to everyone except the mosquitoes!

You can have an enjoyable time on your trip to an exotic destination. Remember these tips to minimize your mosquito encounters across the globe.

Han Seca is a successful business and has been factory trained with 7 years of experience in outdoor insect and pest control. To learn more about mosquito control DIY systems, visit his site today.