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Thailand - Khwae Noi River

Leaping into the Khwae Noi River to be carried by the water current!

Imagine jumping off a bamboo raft into a strong water current which pulls you all the way down a river and the only way to get out is by trying to latch onto a dock at the end! That is exactly what I did at Saiyoke Yai Waterfall and National Park, when I went on a huge bamboo raft which floated along the Khwae Noi river flowing through Thailand. The raft itself was being towed by a tiny boat which had a long rope attached. I couldn’t believe it! We definitely made some turns that I thought were going to send us on a collision course into the trees!

The day started off easy going, as we floated along the river taking in the breathtaking scenery on our approach to the Sai Yok waterfall. There were other small waterfalls along the way which just added to the beautiful river which is surrounded by mountains and forests. From the looks of it, you would think we were in the middle of the jungle, but it is actually a forest!


Eventually, everyone decided it would be fun to jump off the boat and let the strong current bring them to the other end of the river! I had three main concerns 1. the water was extremely deep. I had a life vest on, but it was still scary! Plus of course I got stuck with a child size one at first until I found the last adult size! Ha.. Only me. 2. who knew what was swimming around in the water! 3. What if I don’t grab onto the dock at the end of the river in time? Do they happen to have a speedboat to come and chase me? Despite my concerns I figured, how often am I going to get an opportunity to experience something like this? So off I jumped!!


The current was strong so it carried me along the river without much effort on my end. I have to say, that despite my initial concerns it was incredibly fun! It was strong enough to carry me but not too strong that I was worried about drowning. The highlight for me was when I floated under the the Sai Yok waterfall, which is the most popular attraction of the Sai Yok Nationa Park. Then I floated straight to the dock. It was a little tricky trying to grab onto the dock and pull myself up, because the current was pushing me pretty hard, but I managed it in the end!




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