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Canada, Calgary - A Zipline, a Bobsleigh and a Double Dose of Adrenalin

What could be more adrenaline pumping than flying down North America’s fastest zipline? How about adding a bobsleigh run at speeds of over 80kms/hr? At Winsport Canada Olympic Park, considered one of the most visible legacies of the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, thrill seekers can sign on for a double dose of adventure.


Zipline Calgary Canada Olympic Park

When I told my thrill seeker partner Dave I had booked us in for the zipline bobsleigh Adrenaline Combo the response was something like ” Really? Both at once?”

“Well not as in sitting in a bobsleigh going down a zipline, but yes one after the other.” (Although that vision does sound fascinating.)

“Aren’t you the girl with motion sickness?” questioned oh-long-suffering-patient-and-often-air-sickness-bag-provider-husband.

“How bad could it be?” I asked batting my eyelashes.

What can I expect from the zipline adventure?

Besides the thrill of a lifetime and extraordinary views of the city of Calgary, you will begin by arriving at Canada Olympic Park and proceeding to the Frank King Day Lodge near the main parking lot. Go to guest services where you will sign a waiver and watch an instructional video.

Winsport Canada Olympic Park

The zipline course consists of three separate rides. The first being a practice run, the second the ‘Monster’ from the top of the ski jump and the third a medium, but don’t be fooled, fast run to finish off the adventure.

You will be given a harness which includes a small parachute to control your speed as well as a helmet. You know there is some serious speed involved if you are wearing a parachute!

Top of zipline at Canada Olympic ParkCalgary's fastest zipline from ski jump

The zipline package includes instructions (pay close attention to how land at the end of each line) and transportation to the ski jump. The largest zipline, launching from Calgary’s highest vantage point, reaches speeds of up to 120kms/hour. The ride is 500 meters long with a vertical drop of 100 meters.

Parachutes behind riders on zipline

Dave has compiled a minute or so of video with the view from the top of the Monster zipline, the ride down as well as the final zipline. Put on your helmet and strap in. A deep breath might be in order. The monster zipline starts at the 20 second mark.

What will happen in a bobsleigh run?

Following the zipline rides you will be transported to the Olympic sledding track with it’s 10 turns. Here you will be given a helmet and safety instructions. A professional bobsled pilot will accompany up to four riders in a bobsleigh.

There’s a relief because the thought of steering with 2G of force seems rather daunting. The speed will reach over 80 kms and hour and the ride lasts about 50 seconds.

Calgary BobsleighGetting in position in bobsled

Are their any restrictions to riding the zipline or bobsleigh?

The weight restriction for the biggest zipline is 75-250 lbs ( 37-110 kg) Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. The weight restriction for the bobsleigh is the same as the zipline at 75-250 lbs ( 37-110 kg) Children under 14 can not participate.

If you have a history of neck or back injuries, recent surgery, heart issues or are pregnant, both the zipline and bobsleigh are not advised. 


Calgary bobsled start line


What should I wear for the zipline and bobsleigh adventure?

Dress according to the weather as these are completely outdoor activities. Wear closed toed shoes. For safety reasons avoid dangling jewelry, skirts or dresses.

Angled bobsled turn

Who would like the Adrenaline Combo package?

To be completely honest this is a fabulous adventure for those who love … adventure. Those with a fear of heights will find the Monster zip line and it’s view of the city below challenging. Those who love the excitement will describe it as the thrill of a lifetime. We loved it!

Although I hate to say my husband told me so the bobsleigh run left me feeling nauseated. The ride is meant for thrill seekers and those with steady stomachs.  Dave was absolutely fine following while I laid on a nearby picnic table for several minutes to recover.

The twists and turns of the bobsleigh run leave riders feeling as though they have been on an amusement park ride on steroids. Those avid in bobsledding will be quick to point out this is not a ride, it’s a sport. Again the memory of a lifetime and well worth a bit of discomfort in my opinion.

Bobsled on track


Special note – You can do the zipline or bobsleigh separately. The summer bobsleigh rides are now closed for the season however you can book the zipline here. The winter bobsleigh, which reaches speeds up to 120km/hr and forces reaching 5G will open soon and can be booked here.


Bobsled run Canada Olympic Park



Now the question is would you like to try the zipline or bobsleigh or both?

Disclaimer: We were guests of Tourism Calgary and Winsport Canada Olympic Park. As always all opinions and adrenaline rushes are our own.




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