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10 Festivals To Visit In Your 20’s


10 Festivals To Visit In Your 20's

The twenties are your prime festival years, not only are you old enough to drink but you also have the added freedom of a higher disposable income than you would have back in high school.

Why ten festivals to visit in your twenties?

There are so many amazing festivals around the world that we decided to segment them into groups, we’ll be bringing you more festival articles later in the year to give you a wide range of experiences and ideas.


Here are ten festivals to visit in your twenties:


Burning Man, USA


By: Aaron Logan

Burning man is one of those things that you have to do before you die. Once a year the Nevada dessert comes alive with revellers (or burners as they call themselves) to celebrate freedom, art, self expression and community. The festival’s highlight is the burning of a giant effigy.

While Burning Man may not be for everyone,  it can be an amazing experience for those with the right mindset. It’s not your classic party festival in any sense, more a group of people coming together from different parts to join together to celebrate free ideals and self reliance.



Glastonbury, UK

By: Catrin Austin

The world famous festival takes place in England and is an open air multi day festival. Its attended by over 175,000 people in late June and is messy, muddy, energetic and fun with great music. It hosts some of the biggest names in music and is a favourite of British and international celebs.

St Patricks Day, Ireland

By: Miguel Mendez

While St Patricks day is a religious holiday its more likely you’ll be worshiping the bars on St Patricks day. Avoiding getting pinched by packing on the green and celebrate in and out of bars in a country that really knows how to party.

This is one messy party festival and is a must do in your twenties.

Holi Festival, India

By: Angel Ganev

Holi in India is a spring festival like no other and is one of the most colourful festivals in the world. It begins on Holi Eve with the lighting of a bonfire to symbolise good overcoming evil. After Holi Eve be prepared to join locals and tourists alike in the streets hauling powdered paints and water at each other.

It’s kind of like the finger-painting you did in kindergarten but now its socially acceptable to fling your paint at people.


Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan Thailand

By: omer servianski

Koh Phangan is world famous for its monthly full moon parties attracting hedonistic travellers from all parts of the world. Expect fire tricks, swimming (hopefully not while your drunk), cheap bucket drinks, neon paint, hangovers and hook ups with strangers.

This will be one of the most intense beach party festivals you’ll will ever attend in your life and will be filled with other twenty some things.


La Tomatina, Spain

By: nedim chaabene

Ever wanted to peg a tomato at someone? Now’s your chance!

At La Tomatina there is not only the infamous tomato fight, but also  tomatoes slides, dancing and the culminate event of giant water showers with 20,000 locals and tourists. While the origins are hazy its widely believed to not be tied to any religious traditions.


Tomorrow Land, Belgium


By: StampMedia

Tomorrow Land is really in a league of its own and since the closure of the Love Parade may be Europe’s largest techno festival.

The festival occurs in June/ July and is a multi-day gathering complete with some of the world’s biggest names. Over 100,000 partiers gather in Boom each year and tickets sell out fast.


Songkran Water Festival, Thailand



Unlike many parts of the world the Thai new year falls in the almost unbearable heat of summer. Instead of moping around complaining how hot it is the Thais alongside many foreigners celebrate the new year with a massive water fight. You may even see an elephant or two getting involved.



By: Viaggio Routard

Oktoberfest is a sixteen day celebration of beer beginning in late September and finishing early October in Munich, Germany. The festival has an attendance of over six million people consisting of both Germans and international visitors. Be prepared to drink enormous quantities of beer and mingle with German barmaids.



By: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

The carnival in Rio is one of the most famous festivals in the entire world. Each year over two million people per day make the pilgrimage to Rio to samba, dress up in elaborate costumes and party the night away.

There are exclusive balls and giant street parties with many beautiful locals dancing in skimpy and colourful costumes. Additionally Rio de Janeiro is one of the most iconic cities in the world with draw dropping views, beautiful beaches and skimpy beachwear.






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