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Overland Australia Travel Experience

The Only Way To Travel – Overland Australia


Overland Australia Travel Experience Kangaroo Sign


Everyone told us to book a flight. To drive from Canberra to Alice Springs was just too much of a trek, they said. Especially considering myself and Mike had never before driven a manual; a 4WD towing a trailer no less. Though surely the Australian Outback, with its wide open spaces and endless stretches of road, was a fantastic place to learn!

It took us 4 days to complete the 2,558 km journey. One shattered back windscreen, a dozen camels, hundreds of kangaroos, and one emu pizza later, our determined group of four pulled into watch the sun set in a spectacular fashion over Australia’s most iconic landmark – Uluru.

Uluru Overland Australia


Traveling overland, and crossing the country by road, is the best way to discover Australia, and the only way to truly experience the Australian Outback. Sure, flights frequently service Darwin and Alice Springs from other popular ports within the country, and you can have Uluru “done” within a day, though you haven’t truly experienced Australia until you have driven overland.

Why? Because what truly makes Australia great are the quirky little eccentric towns in-between main tourist destinations, where you can share a beer with colorful outback characters in a legendary outback pub.

Overland Australia Travel Experience Gorge


What makes Australia great are its wide open spaces of barren bush land, red earth, rocks and dry trees. What makes Australia great is its incredible range of diverse landscapes and exotic wildlife which you won’t truly experience from the window seat of a plane.

Catching a flight means you miss the opportunity to sleep under the stars in the middle of a hot summer’s night with a perfect view of the Milky Way. Catching a flight means you miss witnessing the color of the earth as the sun beats down its last rays. Catching a flight means you miss spread out sheep stations and road trains rolling by. Catching a flight means you miss experiencing the “true Australia”.


Overland Australia Travel Experience View


Driving across Australia fulfills every film cliché. Kangaroos jump out from the woodwork, and emu’s run alongside your 4WD. Hiking trails end at dramatic, cavernous gorges where the year round warm weather makes for perfect swimming conditions, 4WD tracks lead straight to UNESCO World Heritage sites.

We stopped in little unheard of towns, and drove through off the beaten path destinations; where technology hardly existed and exotic wildlife roamed free. We admired aboriginal art and enjoyed the flexibility and freedom to explore off the beaten path; stopped the car to trek through rocky gorges and slept in swag underneath the Southern Cross eating bush food.


Overland Australia Travel Experience Aboriginal Painting


And while the journey itself was the most fantastic experience of my life, nothing prepared me for the experience of Uluru. The large sandstone rock stands 348 m high (1,142 ft). It is extremely impressive, and glows a magnificent red at dawn and sunset – an absolutely spectacular sight to see.

So if destinations like Chambers Pillar, Nitmiluk National Park, Kakadu National Park, Kings Canyon and Uluru (Ayers Rock) are on your bucket list, consider driving.

Drive cross country across Australia and you’ll forever remember it as the time you traveled overland.


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1. Jarryd Salem (27) and Alesha Bradford (30) - Australian couple.

2. Our blog is, and we also freelance to a number of different publications in Australia and around the world.
Jarryd is an award-winning travel writer, and Alesha is an acclaimed photographer, having been featured by BBC Travel, The Guardian, Afar Media, Forbes,, and more.
3. 365 days travelling last year in Southeast Asia.

4. In 2015 we are travelling through China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Mongolia, Tibet, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Turkey. 2016 we will either travel around Europe or start making our through Africa. Our current objective is to travel from Thailand to Cape Town without flying, with no set time frame.

5. We are PADI certified rescue divers/wreck speciality/nitrox speciality, with over 50 dives each. We have extensive experience in multi-day treks in both jungle and mountains. Both advanced snowboarders (Jarryd is into backcountry touring), having lived in the mountains of Canada for 4 years. Beginner-intermediate wakeboarders/rock climbers/surfers. 10 months riding motorbikes in Southeast Asia. Caving in Central America and Asia (including to Hang Son Doong, the world's largest cave). Crewed on a sailboat in the Caribbean for 2 months. We are very adventurous and love trying new activities. There is almost no adventure we would say no to.
6. For 2015, Asia and the Middle East is our preference. In 2016 it would be Europe and Africa. For a large partnership, we would be willing to travel elsewhere under the right circumstances.