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Dubrovnik City Walls Walk: A Virtual Tour

Dubrovnik City Walls Walk: A Virtual Tour


Dubrovnik Church



Overlooking Dubrovnik


Overlooking Dubrovnik from the inner wall. There is a gondola that goes up to the mountain top behind me, another great option for beautiful views.


Dubrovnik Harbor Looking South

View of the harbor from the highest tower in the northeastern corner

Dubrovnik City Looking West

From the tower looking west


Dubrovnik Old City Streets

Dubrovnik Old City’s main pedestrian street, we stopped here for some gelato in the shade after getting down off the walls. You cannot keep going up and down from the walls. Once you pay and get up there, you keep going until you decide to get off at one of the gated staircases.

Northwest city wall

From the ocean side looking inland. So many tourists in August, but beautiful regardless.




Dubrovnik ocean walls

Heading south along the ocean. The walls reach a height of about 82 feet.


North wall

Protected inlet off the north side of the wall. You can rent kayaks down there!

Cliff jumping Dubrovnik




Dubrovnik Harbor


Dubrovnik deserves at least a day of your holiday, and I highly recommend walking along the walls to see how incredible it is for yourself. Want to go sailing in Croatia just like I did





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