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Malaysia - Top Things to do in Langkawi [For Non Romantic People]

Top Things to do in Langkawi [For Non Romantic People]


After some requests I decided to write a new post about the top things to do in Langkawi, Malaysia. This time for non romantic people, or better say “normal” tourists. And I’m gonna prove that this beautiful island is great fun for any kind of traveller.


Our last post was all about love and how Langkawi is The Perfect Romantic Destination for couples and honeymooners. After publishing it I realize that there are so many things to do in Langkawi that people who aren’t in love should enjoy too! So here is our guide for adventure, nature explorer and water sports in Langkawi, so many attractions that you´ll need at least one week there to enjoy everything.


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Before you enjoy the island you need to arrive there!

So, how do you get to Langkawi?


Langkawi is known as “The Jewel of Kedah”. It is an archipelago of 104 islands located in the Andaman Sea, 30 Km from the mainland coast of Malaysia. The main island is where all the hotels, resorts and attractions are. To get there you have two options: by flight or by boat!


» By Flight – International flights land at Kuala Lumpur and Penang Airports. From there you can take another flight to Langkawi, low-cost air companies have daily flights.   To check the best rates we always use Skyscanner, if you have an open schedule this website is perfect to find the cheapest price!


» By Boat – You can reach Langkawi by boat from three different cities in Malaysia (Kuala Kedah, Kuala Perlis and Penang) and two cities in Thailand (Satun and Koh Lipe island). The timetables and fares you can check on the website of Naturally Langkawi.


»  Island Hopping Jet Ski Tour

This is one of the best attraction in Langkawi. OMG!! We had so much fun!! First we had some safety instruction and also practiced riding the jet ski on the shallow water. Then from Pantai Cenang beach we left for four hours tour around Langkawi. So many beautiful islets, clear sea and amazing rock formations.  We got really close to some bizarre rocks, breathtaking!

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We stopped by many islands and beaches but two of them were impressive. Ask your guide to go to Pulau Dayang Bunting, this island is a protected area part of the Langkawi Geopark and it´s unbelievable amazing! In the middle of the sea, a huge lake of fresh water is hidden behind the mountains. Walk to the edge of the lake where few meters of millenarian rocks divide the sea water from the fresh water. After a long walk a dive in the lake is a must!


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Your jet ski itinerary must have a stop at the Pulau Beras Basah. White sand beach, crystal clear water, paradisiac view and some nasty monkey. Enjoy your time there, just be aware that those tiny cute creatures and smart thieves. 


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» Snorkeling at Pulau Payar Marine Park

It´s not new that we love snorkeling and swimming, so our list of top things to do in Langkawi for sure includes a day enjoying the sea life. The best spot for snorkeling and dive is the Pulau Payar island that is also a Marine Park.


What I like the most about this trip is that all the action happens in a floating platform, and if you are afraid of jumping in the deep-sea they have small platforms where you can sit on the water, watch the fishes and feel super safe. The sea is beautiful with so many fishes and corals to observe. There we saw a giant barracuda, two massive groupers and also swam with baby sharks! How cool!! The beach on the island is a natural reserve where the Blacktip Reef sharks leave their babies to grow.

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To go to Pulau Payar you need to buy a ticket that includes the boat trip from Kuah Port to the Marine Park and the day use of their facilities there. Three companies offering the tour, we did with Langkawi Corals. The only down thing is that on high season the park gets packed. 


» Kilim Karst Geoforest Park

From the salt water we go to fresh water. You must visit the Kilim Karst Geopark. I have to say that before we went there I was thinking it would be a boring morning just looking at some mangroves and eagles. However, when we started the tour I changed my mind completely. The Geoforest Park is stunning, you get together two amazing natural attractions of Langkawi: the river and the forest!


By boat we passed by the mangrove forest, then crossed a bat cave (I was freaking out, because I’m so afraid of bats), we saw amazing stalactites and rock formations that dates back to 220 million years. Learned about medicinal trees, observed different types of monkeys and got amazed by the beautiful flight of the Langkawi Eagle!

7 a Things to do in Langkawi

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» Mardi Fruit Farm


This is the perfect place to go after lunch. It´s a paradise of trees and you can pick your own fruit for a delicious and fresh dessert. There you will learn about the fruits and veggies they grow in the island, the technologies they use to produce better without using chemicals. It´s not a boring tour at all, a part from tasting some delicious tropical fruits we also had some “fruit fun” with  Mardi´s  guides. A giant star fruit and the jackfruit man were some of the jokes on the tasty & funny menu!


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» Langkawi Craft Complex

This beautiful building keeps many secrets of Langkawi. At the museum you can discover the history and culture of the island. On the other rooms hand-made creations show the abilities Langkawi people have, and all the nature materials the island supply to them. That´s the place to buy gifts, souvenirs and also develop your own artistic skills. We tried the traditional batik painting and discovered that our painting techniques will not pay our bills, better stick with the travel blog business.


» SkyCab and SkyBridge

This is the best view-point in the entire island. The cable car in Langkawi has two stops with privileged view, and the trip to the top is really smooth. You go up to 950 meters above the sea level and you feel like floating in the air! When you are on the top of the mountain walk to the Skybridge and be delighted by the view from the both sides of the island!

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