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Phillipines, Snapshot



What to Bring, What to Leave Behind and Daily tips in the life of a traveler in the Philippines


It was midnight, the 3rd of July and the only light left in the living room was that from my favorite lamp. The bulb I put in this specific lamp are the ones that can’t easily be found these days, as every bulb seems to either be one of those long lasting ones that look like a coil, or want to replicate natural light, which we all know is impossible, because all bulbs emanate artificial light. I found this antiquated bulb in an old hardware store around the corner from my apartment. I had bought the last dozen they had, and the one that existed in the lamp was the last of that bunch. Down to the final bulb. It’s as if the lifespan of my old-self had run its shelf life with it, and I needed to get going onto something new.

I was in the living room, realizing that I needn’t worry about the bulbs anymore because as of tomorrow I would be gone. I stood there in the center of the room surrounded by what looked like years’ worth of clothing and gadgets. Moreover, I was pondering what my … let me correct that, what our new life as a family of world travelers would be like and what I needed to pack for it. I looked over at the three Deuter backpacks and the one small pink Delsey trolley I had in the corner, wondering how the hell I was going to get all that crap in the space I had limited ourselves to have. Under the burnt yellow hued light, I started to pack as my wife and daughter slept.

Fast forward two and a half months later, I’m happy to announce that I packed way too much shit. At least for the Philippines. Take it from a man that has some hindsight on his side and consider these options when traveling to and in the Philippines:

Andrew M. Tolentino, 47, M & Brenda Tolentino, 45, F

3. Travel Last Year, 30 days
4. Planned Travel 12-24 Months, Full-Time, South East Asia, Western and 
    Central Europe.
5. Trekking Dry Land, Water Sports and Climbing.