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 You haven’t known adventure until you have zipped down a 300 foot sand dune headfirst, screaming for your life, eating sand the entire way down. You haven’t known adventure until you have strapped yourself into a sand buggy and flown through “Everest of the Desert” at high speeds, clutching your seat belt until your knuckles turn white. You haven’t known adventure until you have visited Huacachina, Peru.

The sand buggy tour was the most thrilling and exhilarating experience of our lives. We strapped ourselves into the 12 seater dune buggy as our driver flew over towering sand dunes at high speeds. We gripped the seats in front of us for dear life as he floored the gas and took dunes 90 degree angles. We whizzed through the desert, screaming at the top of our lungs as we blew through the most spectacular desert scenery you could ever hope to see in your life.


At 4pm we arrived at the Desert Nights Hostel, and it wasn’t long before we realized this wasn’t going to be a smooth ride! For $22 USD each, we had honestly expected a fairly tame ride through the desert, however we quickly realized that this was going to be an extreme thrill ride, not for the light of heart!

 It was an Adrenalin rush even better than a roller coaster. We had the best time of our lives!

Based out of Paracas, the dunes at Huacachina were both higher and cheaper. Quoted $90 per person for a sand buggy tour out of Paracas, it was cheaper for us to pay for a taxi to drive an hour, wait for us and drive us back. 



Book onto a 4pm tour for 2 reasons.:

  1. to escape the 100 degree heat of the day.

  2. to witness the sun set over the desert in a spectacular fashion.


We had heard it was dangerous, but honestly the biggest danger you’re likely to experience is the sun. Make sure you pack plenty of water, plenty of suntan lotion, a hat, sunglasses, and clothes you can easily shake the sand out of!


I wore long sleeves and yoga pants to avoid sand rash – unless you’re experienced you will sand-board down the dunes on your stomach, and tearing down the dunes at high speeds will tear the skin off your arms and legs if you let them drag.

 Oh and pack toilet paper. It seems to be a rare commodity in Peru.




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