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About Us

Each team member at OFM Exhibitions has a unique and charismatic approach to developing memorable experiences. Collectively, our backgrounds encompass art, travel, broadcast media, retail, travel, music and outdoor events. The variety, intensity and honesty you notice is a result of our teamwork, and we look forward to sharing it with you.


Favorite Holiday; Greek Islands: sun, relaxation, restina, ouzo, food, food food!

 Travel Tip: make sure you don't have too many connecting flights: airports are not the place to spend your holidays and they are so BIG now!


Favorite Holiday; Australian Bush, as long as its by a creek .


Travel Tip: Going anywhere wet? Take some white vinegar and put it on the ground around your camp site. Keeps the leaches away!

Going anywhere with wild dogs or pigs? Have the blokes of in the group urinate around the perimeter of the camp. The testosterone will help keep them away when you are asleep.

Always keep a can of tyre repair spray in the truck, better yet, keep four!


Favorite Holiday;


This is the first non-western country I went to and it really opened my eyes to the different ways of life that people are engaged in. China showed me it doesn't matter how much, or how little, you have, it is you that really counts. I have been there twice: it's a country with so much to offer - amazing food, great shopping and so many cultural interests. The first time I went we visited these amazing Buddhist caves in the Gobi Desert. It was the most astonishing place to see and I highly recommend it to anyone travelling to China.